Our friends from Blue Bell continue to innovate.

I traditionally don't associate Blue Bell with kids (or adults who act like kids) so this new flavor is very unexpected. I tend to think of Blue Bell as more of an "old skool/nostalgia" type brand for people of certain tastes. For example, the recent Oatmeal Cream Pie was definitely what I'd call a "throwback" to simpler times and tastes (and one of the best flavors they've ever released).  I also picked up an "honest half-gallon" of peppermint over the holidays and it was sublime.  Of course, Blue Bell is also known for its old-fashioned vanilla with is pretty much the pinnacle of ice cream making.

So you've probably figured out that I've set you up for something completely out of left field, and unlike anything that Blue Bell has ever done, at least to my knowledge. Get ready for "Blue Bell-I (heart) Cereal".

Blue Bell
Blue Bell

Now, I can say things that Blue Bell cannot, and basically what you're looking at is vanilla ice cream with Fruity Pebbles/not Fruity Pebbles. Yes, those cereal bits swirled around in the ice cream look exactly like Fruity Pebbles and it's a pretty fair bet they taste like them too. So basically, you're getting the vanilla ice cream serving as "milk' and then imposter cereal bits serving as Fruity Pebbles wannabees.

The new ice cream hit the store today, and since Saturday is "Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day" you have a perfect excuse to pick one up.

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