While Texas is known for its awesome food, incredible landscapes, and rich history, we also have our fair share of cities that experience a higher crime rate than most. Based on crime statistics and other factors, here are the most dangerous cities in the Lone Star State.

Whether it's the food, the culture, or just the fact that we don't have to pay state income taxes, there is so much to love about our great state. Even celebrities love to call the Lone Star State home.

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But, even with so many awesome things about the Lone Star State, there are some places that you may want to avoid when traveling across our massive state.

Using data from the FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System (NBIRS), Crimedata.io compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in Texas. Their ranking system calculated the crime rate per 100,000 population for each city.

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Simply put, the cities with the lowest rankings are considered the safest places in Texas while the higher rankings are the most dangerous places.

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While Galveston County seems to be the hot spot for crime in Texas, what in the world is going down in Bexar County and Harris County?

It is worth noting that crime rates can vary within different areas of the city. While these cities are reporting high crime, there are still many safe cities and areas in the Lone Star State to explore on your next road trip.

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