Texas is notorious for the active use of the death penalty, executing 262 inmates since 1982. But have you ever been curious about what these death row inmates' final words were before they took their last breath? Keep reading to see their chilling final words.

As appalling as that may sound, many people find it interesting to know what the last words of these heinous criminals were before they took their last breath.

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Texas Department Of Justice Implements Lethal Injection

In 1977, Texas adopted the use of lethal injection as a means of execution. The first execution took place on December 7th, 1982 when 40-year-old Charlie Brooks Jr. was put to death. Brooks was also the first death row inmate to leave his final words.

I, at this very moment, have absolutely no fear of what may happen to this body. My fear is for Allah, God only, who has at this moment the only power to determine if I should live or die… As a devout Muslim, I am taught and believe that this material life is only for the express purpose of preparing oneself for the real life that is to come… Since becoming Muslim, I have tried to live as Allah wanted me to live.
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Since then, 261 inmates have been put to death by lethal injection with 185 others, including 7 women, scheduled to have the same fate

Texas Department of Justice (TDOJ) not only lists all inmates currently serving time on death row but also has other information including the final words of these criminals.

The following are 10 recent executions of inmates and their final chilling words.

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