Bryce Harper, who has the reputation around the league as being cocky and outspoken, needs ten stitches after hitting himself in the face with his bat after a tough day at the plate. Harper went 0-5 on the night, and after a ground out in the 7th, Harper had enough and, according to reports, hit the wall with his bat, the bat bounced off the wall and struck Harper above his left eye.

Apparently when Harper left highschool, he skipped his last physics class.

Harper's injury comes on the heals of a revelation that he injured his team mate Mark DeRosa. Harper came into the studio and high-fived DeRose so hard, he strained one of his obliques.

Basically, Harper needs to simmer down. It is refreshing to see a player that is so passionate, and trys his hardest every single day, but when he starts causing injuries to himself and other team members, something has to change.

Check out the video of Harper after his meltdown. What do you think of Harper and his play this season.

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