Lubbock is definitely in need of a new good bistro, so I'm excited about this new place now open on University right across the street from Texas Tech University.

While there isn't a lot of information on the new Dreamer's Bistro anywhere, they do have a Facebook page and told me they're having their soft opening April 6th and their grand opening the following week.

They posted some food teasers as well and they all look delicious. You can find the pictures at the end of this article. As far as the menu goes, we don't know much yet, but they do have this yummy-looking cup of ice cream and/or whipped cream with toppings in what looks like their own version of a waffle. It's something I definitely have not seen in Lubbock before, so prepare yourself when you look at these great pictures. They also posted a picture of a potato that was fully loaded and crispy that I'm ready to try.

This location will be great for them with all the Texas Tech students in close proximity, so hopefully it'll finally stay for a while.

Dreamer's Bistro will be at 1003 University Ave., which has been a lot of different things like Gohan Japenese Fusion, Mojo Bowl, Noodle & Company and more. We're so excited to check them out this month and you can follow them on Facebook for more details.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the yummy stuff they will be offering:

Dreamers Bistro

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