*Talk 1340 Game Schedule

NOTES: All games aired on Talk 1340 (KKAM), unless otherwise noted. Other possible stations include News/Talk 95.1 & 790, KFYO and Awesome 98 (98.1 FM).  Astros, Baylor Bears, Chiefs, Texans and Broncos games are not streamed on our station websites.


THR AUG 1Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons  [Broncos Net.]5:00pm7:00pm
THR AUG 1(95.1/790, KFYO) Astros @ Cleveland IndiansN/AJIP @ 7pm
FRI AUG 2Seattle Mariners @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
SAT AUG 3Seattle Mariners @ Astros5:35pm6:10pm
SUN AUG 4Seattle Mariners @ Astros12:35pm1:10pm
TUE AUG 6Colorado Rockies @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
WED AUG 7Colorado Rockies @ Astros  [TENTATIVE]12:35pm1:10pm
  NOTE: No Astros/Rockies game on 8/7
THR AUG 8(98.1 FM) Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers [HOU Net.]6:30pm7:00pm
THR AUG 8Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks7:00pm9:00pm
FRI AUG 9Astros @ Baltimore Orioles5:40pm6:15pm
SAT AUG 10(95.1/790, KFYO) Astros @ Baltimore Orioles5:30pm6:05pm
SAT AUG 10Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs6:00pm7:00pm
SUN AUG 11Astros @ Baltimore Orioles11:30am12:05pm
MON AUG 12Astros @ Chicago White Sox6:35pm7:10pm
TUE AUG 13Astros @ Chicago White Sox6:35pm7:10pm
WED AUG 14Astros @ Chicago White Sox  [NOT AIRING]NO BROADCAST
THR AUG 15Astros @ Oakland A's8:30pm9:05pm
FRI AUG 16Astros @ Oakland A's8:30pm9:05pm
SAT AUG 17(95.1/790, KFYO) Astros @ Oakland A'sN/AJIP @ 3pm
SAT AUG 17Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers5:30pm6:30pm
SAT AUG 17(98.1 FM) Detroit Lions @ Houston Texans6:30pm7:00pm
SUN AUG 18Astros @ Oakland A's2:30pm3:05pm
MON AUG 19San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos5:00pm7:00pm
MON AUG 19(95.1/790, KFYO) Detroit Tigers @ AstrosN/AJIP @ 7pm
TUE AUG 20Detroit Tigers @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
WED AUG 21Detroit Tigers @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
THR AUG 22Detroit Tigers @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
FRI AUG 23Los Angeles Angels @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
SAT AUG 24Los Angeles Angels @ Astros  [NOT AIRING]N/A
SAT AUG 24(98.1 FM) Houston Texans @ Dallas Cowboys5:30pm6:00pm
SAT AUG 24San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs6:30pm7:00pm
SAT AUG 24(95.1/790, KFYO) Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Rams6:00pm8:00pm
SUN AUG 25Los Angeles Angels @ Astros12:35pm1:10pm
TUE AUG 27Tamps Bay Rays @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
WED AUG 28Tamps Bay Rays @ Astros6:35pm7:10pm
THR AUG 29Tamps Bay Rays @ Astros  [NOT AIRING]N/A
THR AUG 29(98.1 FM) Los Angeles Rams @ Houston Texans6:30pm7:00pm
THR AUG 29Seminole @ Lubbock High6:45pm7:00pm
THR AUG 29(95.1/790, KFYO) Kansas City Chiefs @ Green Bay PackersN/A7:00pm
THR AUG 29Arizona Cardinals @ Denver BroncosN/AJIP @ 10p
FRI AUG 30Astros @ Toronto Blue Jays5:30pm6:05pm
FRI AUG 30(98.1 FM) Monterey @ Odessa6:45pm7:00pm
FRI AUG 30West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard10:00pm-12:00am
FRI AUG 30(95.1/790, KFYO) West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard10:00pm-12:00am
SAT AUG 31TX Tech Football vs Montana State- Countdown to Kickoff12:00pm-2:00pm
SAT AUG 31Astros @ Toronto Blue JaysN/AJIP @ 2pm
SAT AUG 31(95.1/790, KFYO) Stephen F. Austin @ Baylor Football5:30pm6:00pm