Tony Parker, better known for playing basketball for the San Antonio Spurs has apparently adopted a new hobby, getting in fights between two of the biggest hip hop stars in the world. A fight so huge, that a $20 million lawsuit against the W.i.P club has come out of it.

Apparently Parker was somehow involved in an altercation between Chris Brown, yeah, the guy who did a number on Rihanna, and Drake who, up until recently, was better known as Jimmy from Degrassi. Parker was not sitting with Chris Brown or Drake, but he has said he was, "with my friend Chris Brown" when the problems started. "Me and my friends took some punches," Parker said. "They started throwing bottles everywhere."

The suit, for some reason does not name Brown or Drake, but rather places complete blame on the club, because, you know, the club was the one throwing bottles at Tony Parker.....

Truthfully, it seems like a room full of idiots with booze, who get paid too much to do nothing, who have no understanding of consequences. What do you think?