Texas Governor Rick Perry stirred the talk of secession, but he wasn't talking about the Republic of Texas, but of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 for the SEC to reporters after his speech to state lawmakers in San Antonio Wednesday. I can't help but think that while Perry is preparing for a Presidential run, I doubt he is out of the loop on what is going with Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 for greener pastures in the SEC. I joke that going to the SEC would be suicide on the field for the Aggies, but the way College Football is going culturally and financially it makes sense for schools to chuck their commitments to rivals and get the most money they can. Its not about traditions anymore, its about the dollar. The next couple of days will be interesting in the landscape of College Football.

Tonight, the Dallas Cowboys kickoff the Jason Garrett era officially tonight in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium against the Denver Broncos. The big story here isn't with the Cowboys, but with the Broncos and their Quarterback situation with Kyle Orton and everybody's All-American Tim Tebow. I like Tebow, but he needs more time to develop and can't lead this team, yet. Team President John Elway has publicly backed Tebow, but the end game is to make Tebow into something he isn't. This will hurt him and the Broncos in the long run. Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post writes the very same thing.

"Tebow is a God-fearing people pleaser. Bad language doesn't cross his tongue. So please forgive me, but maybe the time has arrived for Tebow to mouth these words: To heck with it.

Bend the rules. Bust the play. Run like his hair is on fire. More cowbell. Instead of punching the clock, go back to living on Tebow time.

The change might not make Tebow a better quarterback than Kyle Orton. But this imposter trapped inside No. 15, trying to please everybody from Fox to Elway by doing everything by the playbook, is never going to make it in the NFL."

Don't break in this Bronco and let him run free.

The Jurgen Klinsmann Era began last night in Philadelphia and what some people might see as a boring 1-1 draw with arch-rival Mexico has been 5 years in the making for most U.S. Soccer fans.  Although the match was a friendly with Mexico there was a lot learned of the players on the pitch and what to expect on a strategic level (By the way are any matches with Mexico friendly judging by the way their fans act?).

Klinsmann was pleased with the effort and said such in his post-game comments.

“I think we saw a real interesting game. I think we saw – especially in the second half – a very exciting game. It was an amazing learning process the players went through in just 90 minutes. We gave them certain tasks before the game – to play out of the back, for example, which against a high-pressure Mexican side is not that easy. We obviously gave them all the tasks to join one-against-one battles and win their one-against-one situations. Slowly, we gave them the task to move step-by-step more forward and get more confident the longer they were in the game and put Mexico under pressure. That’s what we saw in the last half hour where I think the players felt more and more confident. All of their defensive tasks were kind of under control and they challenged that Mexican side, which as I said before the game is a very, very good team that we have a lot of respect for."

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is 3 years away, but the road for the U.S. Men's National team has started on the right path and I can't wait for the qualifiers.