With all of the threats facing our country there is more subtle and gobbling enemy that could strike you and your family.

A turkey fryer.

Yes, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Turkey fryer warning on Tuesday on their twitter feed warning us,

"@DHSgov Homeland Security
How dangerous can turkey fryers be? youtube.com/watch?v=yObDuY… [VIDEO] (cc: @usfire) #Thanksgiving "
What does Homeland Security have to do with turkey fryers? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is just more nanny state BS that is spewed from "Big Brother".
While I am for safety and common sense on the holidays this one warning that is over the top. Those who fry turkeys know what they are doing and those few people who haven't cooked before, much less fry a turkey should re-examine their life choices if they do fry a turkey.