The Texas Tech athletic program is close to extend their football series with the University of Baylor through 2018 to play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.  Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt said Thursday, “It’s in the process.  Texas Tech has signed it.  I haven’t seen it back with signatures from Baylor and Cowboys Stadium yet, but it’s all been agreed to verbally and we should be in a position to formally announce that in the near future.”

Ashley Wirz,

The Red Raiders and the Bears have been playing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since 2009, and this year’s game coming up on November 29th will complete a two-year contract option exercised in 2012.  Hocutt (pictured on the left) said Tech makes more money with the series in Arlington than from a home-and-home setup, especially since the home games Tech will give up are on a holiday weekend when many students are gone from campus.

“The years that it would be Tech’s home game would be Thanksgiving weekend,” Hocutt said.  “That’s an opportunity for us to play in the best football facility in the world, a chance for additional exposure in a market that’s extremely important to our university, on a weekend when our student body would not be on campus. So I think, given those facts, that it continues to make sense for us.”

Texas Tech makes more than $3 million from a home sellout, Hocutt said.  In the case of a conference opponent, however, that’s every-other-year revenue.  Playing Baylor in Arlington, Hocutt said, Tech’s share is $2 million-plus every year.