Former Houston Astros and New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens will attempt a comeback this weekend with an Independent minor league team. Clemens will pitch Saturday for the Sugar Land Skeeters located in the Houston-metro area.

Clemens last pitched in 2007 for the Yankees and he compiled a 6-6 record.

However, in the years since his 'final' retirement, the now 50 year-old Clemens has been through two perjury trials for allegedly Lying Under Oath to Congress and constant scrutiny concerning performance enhancing drugs.

Both the Houston Chronicle and report that Clemens fastball still reaches the high 80s. He is also currently under contract to the Houston Astros as a consultant to the Jim Crane-led ownership.

Modern medical technology has extended pitchers careers like no other time in history. See Jamie Moyer's brief tenure with the Rockies this season at the age of 49.

However, I don't think another stint in the majors will help Clemens' legacy. Cynics out there are already stating that Clemens could see time with the Astros in September. If he does, it is a publicity stunt and a waste of time.  The Astros are now fully committed to their youth movement and wasting September starts on a 50 year-old has-been doesn't help the team.

If Clemens truly wanted to help the Astros, he would become their new full-time pitching coach in 2013.  However, his track record of special travel arrangements in Houston and taking two months off before joining the Astros and Yankees in both 2006 & 2007 doesn't lend credence that he can fit in with a team.

Either way, Roger Clemens will become a distraction to the Dis-Astros on-field performance and ownership probably likes the prospects of that.