With the news coming down yesterday that Texas Ranger, Nelson Cruz, is one of five current Major Leaguers to have allegedly bought PED's from a Miami drug supplier; the Rangers may have to deal with losing Cruz to a suspension start the season.

Patrick Despain from ShutDownInning.com joined the Sports Shack this morning to talk about the news. Despain said Cruz is facing the possibility of a 50-game suspension. "I dug through the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) last night. It's on the MLB website," Despain said. "You don't have to test positive (for PED's). If there's a paper trail that shows you possessed it or facilitated the sale, that's a violation and a 50-game suspension."

If Cruz is suspended, Despain says the Rangers will look within for a replacement. Most likely, Mitch Moreland would see most of the playing time in right field to replace Cruz.

Despain also said this latest set of PED allegations against Alex Rodriguez may force him out of the game. Rodriguez is also recovering from hip surgery he had last year.

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