New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is expecting to add some more little ones to his already large family according to a report by

The wife of Cromartie posted a sonogram photo on Twitter that suggests the pair is expecting twins. That would make it 12 kids for Cromartie, with four from his wife, and eight others with seven different women.

Terricka Carson, Cromartie’s wife, goes by the Twitter handle @iluvTERRICKA and wrote alongside the sonogram photo “Identical twins run in my Family.”

Cromartie and Cason recently had a son, Jagger, who joined sister Jurzie. Cromartie has not mentioned the news on his Twitter account.

Cromartie has been publicly criticized for the size of his family since he seemed to struggle to remember the names of some of his kids when the Jets were featured on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks” in 2010.

He defended himself after the show's airing, saying producers had asked him to pause between each name.