Texas Tech University System Chancellor Kent Hance, Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt, members of the Board of Regents, Texas Tech administration, fans, cheerleaders and the Goin' Band were on hand for today's official introduction of Kliff Kingsbury as the new Texas Tech Football head coach.

As Kingsbury took the podium he immediately separated himself from the previous head coach, "It's good to be home. I find it a little poetic today that it's a classic, windy, West Texas day, and I'm going on record that I actually enjoy the wind. You'll never hear me complain about it." Tommy Tuberville wasn't fond of the West Texas wind while he coached at Tech and he complained about it at times.

Kingsbury thanked the fans for their support, "These last two days, the support, the outpouring of support has been incredible. It's made me feel at home. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that from the fans.

"Every former player that I've played against, when I meet them, the first thing they want to talk about is the fans at Texas Tech and how they hated playing there. And that's a credit to Texas Tech nation, the Red Raider Nation. We don't have the biggest stadium, but we have the rowdiest. And I love that place and can't wait to get back in it."

He also took a jab at his previous employer, by not naming rival Texas A&M, much to the delight of the fans in attendance, "When I got into coaching, I went to the University of Houston.  That was a business decision.  When I went to that other university (Texas A&M), that was definitely a business decision.  But being here now, this is personal to me.  This is where I want to be."

Hocutt also took a jab at Texas A&M as he recounted a story from the past week, " I have to confide in you. There was only one time in the course of the last six days that I became concerned about finishing this process and securing Coach Kingsbury as our next head coach.  On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec (TTU President), Chancellor Hance and I, flew to Austin to meet with Kliff at the chancellor's home. We arrived, and Kliff was there already, and we went into the chancellor's home, and we exchanged pleasantries. We walked through the house, and we went to the back porch. We wanted to see the view from behind the chancellor's home there, and it was beautiful.

"There was not a person in sight. There was not a sound around a half a mile from where we were. But in that conversation as we were getting ready to go back into the house, the chancellor commented to me that he needed to check on the lawn service, because there were leaves on his back patio.  Nothing uncommon for this time of the year. But the chancellor, with an eye for perfection, noted that, and you could tell he was not pleased.

"We moved on from the back porch into the living room, where we took our seats.  Kliff was seated in front of a large window with about a 20‑foot shrub that had grown up. It provided some shade for where we were sitting, and it provided some privacy. I was seated to Kliff's right. Dr. Schovanec was seated to my right, and to Dr. Schovanec's right was the chancellor.

"Well, I opened the conversation with some thoughts, and then I asked Kliff if he would share his journey, and share his experience with the chancellor and the President. About 30 seconds into Kliff starting to share his story, over his shoulder, this bush starts disappearing a foot at a time. All I can see is this machete like instrument going whoosh, whoosh.

"Dr. Schovanec and I make eye contact. About that time, there are about three weed eaters, multiple lawnmowers, two blowers on the back patio, and I'm thinking, my goodness. The Aggies have found us, and they're trying to ruin our day."

Rob Snyder, 1340TheFan.com

As far as next year's team goes, Kingsbury says it will be high-tempo, "I'm more of a walking‑type guy, not a talking‑type guy. So I'll let you all see that in the fall. But it's going to be an exciting brand of football. We'll be attacking on both sides of the ball, we'll play with confidence. The kids are going to have fun. They're going to have swagger, and you'll enjoy this next year's team. I promise you."

When asked about his family's reaction to his being hired at Tech, Kingsbury's father ended up talking about his wardrobe,"My dad's fired up. He sent me a text right after I got it, he said, "You mean I can throw all this maroon away now?" So some of his greatest moments with my mom were coming out here. They met some of the best friends in their entire lives out here watching me play.  So this means the world to them."

The offense won't be a copy of Mike Leach's Air Raid, "It will be different," said Kingsbury. "We adapt to personnel everywhere we've gone. In Houston, we led the nation in passing.  Last year (2012, with Texas A&M) we led the SEC in rushing. We'll adapt to the personnel we have and play at our strengths. Bottom line is scoring points and getting first downs, stopping people on defense and winning ballgames. So we'll go from there."

Kingsbury also had a request of Hocutt for the non-conference schedule, "I was going to see if there's anyway possible we can get Cincinnati on the schedule next year?" Kingsbury's request was met by thunderous applause by the fans in the United Spirit Arena.

Assistant coaches are expected to be hired by Kingsbury within the coming weeks.