The Big 12 used to have 12 teams. It's how the conference got the name. They also had a conference championship game and divisions.

But, we live in a modern world and just because you came into existence with 12 teams it does not mean you have to stay that way. You can live with 10 teams and still call yourself the Big 12, but you can't have a conference championship game. Until now.

The Division 1 council, which I believe is also featured in the new Star Wars movie, has decided that the Big 12 now has the ability to conduct a conference championship football game without expanding from 10 teams, thanks to a vote Wednesday, January 13th, at the NCAA convention in San Antonio.

The change comes as a proposal allowing FBS conferences with less than 12 teams and no divisions to hold a conference title game between the top two teams following a round robin regular season.

Perfect! The Big 12 immediately released a statement thanking the gracious vote of the Division 1 council for allowing them to get exactly what they have wanted since the mass exodus of Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and the other school.

"I appreciate that what was acted upon today takes into account our unique 10-team, full round-robin scheduling model. However, this vote does not automatically mean the Big 12 will implement a football championship game." Said Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby

Wait. What?

Bowlsby went on to say that the Big 12 Members will, "continue to analyze its pros and cons, as we now know the requirements should we decide to go down that path."

What has the fight been over if the Big 12 isn't going to stay at 10 teams now? Is Bowlsby trying to move to 12 teams?

Does he not want the extra 30 million dollars that a big 12 title game would bring in? Would the title not give him his one true champion? One team to rule them all, one team to find them, one team to bring them all, and in the conference bind them?

I know one thing for certain. It won't happen this year. The schedules have already been announced.

The Big 12 is just going through it's rebellious stage. It's 20 years old. It's a millennial and the Big 12 feels it's entitled to whatever the heck they want just because they exist.

"We are constantly monitoring the environment," Bowlsby told reporters after the vote. "What it does, it keeps us from being forced to expand."

Well, I don't think any one wants to be forced into a deal with Cincinnati or Uconn or anyone else on the table.

The biggest issue that arises from the ashes of the conference championship game after a round robin schedule is that the game would always be a rematch.

"I don't think a championship game is the answer unless we're going to divide up South/North, East/West, whatever we want to do," Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said last week. "This year we would have played OU again. I don't think that's productive. I don't see what you get out of that."

Well Mike, you might have gotten a Conference Championship and a shot at the College Football Playoff.

You're right it wouldn't be productive.

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