Matt Tynan of 'Pounding the Rock' - SB Nation joined guest host Rob Snyder on the Williams & Hyatt Show Monday afternoon to discuss the injury to Tony Parker, the NBA, San Antonio getting another pro-sports franchise and more.

If you don't already know the back story on San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker here it is. Parker apparently got some glass in his left eye during a fight involving singer Chris Brown and members of hip-hop star Drake's entourage, and is now suing the night club where the incident took place.

Parker's cornea was scratched in the fight, and the Spurs guard revealed he had to have an operation to remove a shard that had ''penetrated 99 percent'' of his left eye.

"If it was going to be somebody its got to be Tony Parker right?" Tynan said. "He's sort of the Hollywood dude of the whole crew."

The guy is a former producer of the Williams and Hyatt show so that means there's hope for me right? Eh probably not... either way enjoy the audio as Matt's very informative!