The Longhorn Network must be addressed as either one of two things.

1.) Its a cancer that will destroy the Big 12 Conference by early 2012


2.) Its a Venereal Disease that must be done away with by use of penicillin.

I can't see a good outcome for the Big 12 Conference while Texas and ESPN team up to showcase the University of Texas. ESPN may be able to allow their analysts to criticize Texas and still make their $300 million in the process in conjunction with the school. I'm not holding my breath on that one. Objective journalism isn't a virtue these days on most networks and you won't get that in Bristol.

Get some good reading in today on the contract details that the website Midnight Yell acquired through an open records request. This contract is pretty much the death of the Big 12 Conference. PAC-16 anybody?

UFC 133 went down Saturday night and Rashad Evans made short work of Tito Ortiz in a second round TKO. I still can't get into this MMA crap and it seems like glorified human cockfighting. When does football start again?

Texas Tech Football started practice over the weekend and the intensity of Defensive Coordinator Chad Glasgow is firing up the Texas Tech defense. Lord knows they couldn't be any worse than they were last year and a Top 40 finish in total defense this season would do wonders for this program in the win column and their building to a <insert conference championship of choice here> in 2012.