By Ryan Hyatt
Host of the Williams & Hyatt Show, 3p-7p on 1340 The Fan

Good morning West Texans and all you good, fine, friendly folks out there who wish you were . . .

After learning that car owner Richard Childress had allegedly punched fellow owner-driver Kyle Busch Saturday night after the truck race my first thought was I wonder how thrilled NASCAR is that bland is getting back to grand. Now of course, we can’t have owners punching owners out at the track, that would be so, so, uncivilized and no one wants that.

But of course we all secretly and not so secretly do. And that is what is so right about what Childress did to Busch. If  “Have At It Boys” works for the drivers, it should work for the owners too. Now, we know that drivers can push it too far just like Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman have done at times already this year and we know that there is some nebulous line out there that if you cross, you’ll get fined or put on double-secret probation.

That’s o.k.

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