The dust has settled after the Rangers' 5-4 loss to the Tigers yesterday.

Josh Hamilton is still hurt.

The reigning American League MVP will be out 6 to 8 weeks with a fractured bone in his upper right arm, and I bet it will be after June 15 before we see Hamilton again this season. As a Ranger fan, I hope this isn't an injury that sinks the season before it really gets going.

9-2 is fantastic to start the season, but the possibility of not having Josh Hamilton, everybody's All-American have many fans wanting to tar and feather third base coach Dave Anderson for sending him. Hamilton said in post-game that he didn't want to go and that he thought it was, "Stupid." Making a gamble in the game 11 of 162 in the first inning was stupid. Almost as dumb as trying an onside kick in the first half of a college football game.

The Rangers front office is still in support of Anderson and I see no reason not to support Anderson. Ranger GM Jon Daniels told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "It's an aggressive play. That's how we play the game." Amen.

I want the Rangers to be aggressive. I want them to go out there and play the way that got them to the World Series last year. I want the aggressive nature to be there because so few professional teams that play this way. Texas plays the game the right way and the fans love it judging by the attendance for the first six games in Arlington this season.

Every season that Hamilton has been with Texas he has had an injury of some sort. Last season's injury didn't hamper winning the AL MVP. The 2009 season saw Hamilton still perform well after that season's injury. Somehow the Rangers have gotten it done without their slugger, but then again Hamilton has yet to go yard this season and the pitching has been brilliant to say the least.

In the words of author Douglas Adams, "Don't panic."