The Big East has moved on from its lawsuit against TCU that was filed last month. The case claimed the TCU did not pay the conference a sum of $5 million after TCU decided against joining the Big East in favor of joining the Big 12. The issue however was that TCU was never an official member of the Big East, they had only accepted an invite. Therefore TCU is not on the line for any fee to the Big East.

Another issue that should be pointed out is that the Big East got $20 million from West Virginia, but less that $20 million combined from the departures of Pitt and Syracuse, granted West Virginia is a bigger name, that doesn't explain the drastic difference in exit fees. In a sense, the Big East owes the Big 12.

The road is clear for the Big 12 lawsuits without any pending lawsuits against the. Time to start a new chapter in the Big 12 coming up sooner rather than later.