The Athletic Directors of the Big 12 member schools announced through a statement today that the newly created Longhorn Network will not air high school football games for this upcoming season.

As I wrote last week about the PAC-12 Networks being formed and my hope for the destruction of the Big 12 Conference I joked about The Fightin' Texas Aggies marching into the Mordor of College Football, the SEC.

I'm no prophet, but I think its going to happen if Texas doesn't back down and the Big 12 AD's agree to have a back-bone.

The Athletic Directors of the Big 12 member schools are meeting this week to discuss the Longhorn Network and one thing is sure: Texas A&M isn't going quietly into the night.

In a report from Brent Swerneman of the San Antonio Express-News posted online today stated that the Aggies aren't afraid to stand up to Texas and bring the Big 12 Conference down as they look to exit for the SEC.

The most telling was Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe twisting the words of Texas A&M school president R. Bowen Loftin.

From Swerneman:

"Less than two weeks ago, Loftin described the Big 12 as being in a state of “uncertainty” thanks to the intentions of the LHN. A reporter from the Bryan-College Station Eagle, a reporter from KBTX-TV and I were present for the interview following a closed-door session by the A&M regents. Since then Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has tried twisting Loftin’s words to say the A&M president meant the Longhorn Network was in a state of uncertainty – not the league.

Beebe’s Twist didn’t work, and let’s be clear: Loftin was talking about the league. He repeated it several times to the three of us. Loftin also was clearly upset that what he described as a much-discussed idea of equality among league members from the June Big 12 board meetings wasn’t coming to fruition."

Soon after this meeting LHN announced that would air a Big 12 Conference game that Texas would host, most likely the Texas Tech game, and high school football games.

Let's hope we see the Aggies don't call retreat.