**WARNING** This blog post will entertain political and cultural ideas that will be offensive.

I am not a person who yearns for the golden days of America or Western culture because if you look at human history with any sort of objectivity you will see that the good ol' days weren't really that good. However, there have been certain cultural norms that have been held up until the recently that made our country and society great.

An eleven year old boy from Arkansas has been told that there is a cap on how many touchdowns he can score in a game and when he can and can't score. Demias Jimerson has been told by the Wilson Intermediate Football League that he cannot score more than three touchdowns in a game or when his team has a lead of fourteen points.

The downfall of society is at hand.

Not long ago in this country, it was celebrated when people were exceptional at what they did in their jobs or school or in their hobbies. Now we punish the producers in society with empty rhetoric of fairness because somebody might have hurt feelings when a kid like Demias scores six touchdowns and defeats little Timmy's team 77-0.

Go one further in society and we have people who are accused of being selfish and evil for simply having wealth they earned. Jealousy is an ugly make up for society and it begins at the ground floor level with all of us.

For too long we have tolerated the sensitivity of those who in our culture who cry "unfair" when they see somebody else achieve greatness. Why do you think people hate the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, or New England Patriots? It can't be that those teams are pure evil. No, its because they are the most successful franchises in their own league the past decade.

Notre Dame is hated because win or lose they are talked about because so many people hate them for the success they had on the field for seventy-plus years and the sheer amount of merchandise they earn.

We have grown tolerant of something that should have never been tolerated to begin with and that is a false sense of fairness. Our sense of fairness is so out of whack that in order to make everybody equal and treated fairly we have to make everybody miserable. Why not let everyone have a chance to succeed at what they do?

A large segment of society pushes this idea everyday down our throats in media and through political action and its the Democrat Party. Their ideology has moved from being on the forefront of civil rights for the downtrodden to become the party that hates achievement of any kind. This philosophy of misery is in any organizational bureaucracy run by academics. Look at the NCAA, most college campuses, and sadly the NFL. Yes, Roger Goodell is the leader of this, don't be fooled.

Last week there were protests at Wall Street in New York City. I am not against protesting, but the people there were going beyond crony capitalism. They were going after businesses who make money and employ thousands of people to give them a well being better than 90% of the world. Most of the signs there were about businesses and corporate executives who use their ideas to make millions for the companies and themselves. Why is success in business a bad thing? Its assumed that if you are good at something then you must have oppressed somebody else to get there.

Even in a youth football league, we now punish successful children at the expense of making them jaded before they even hit high school. It will be too late if  we don't change this direction or we will ruin children for the next few generations.

Do it for the children.